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Newsletter September 2017.

Previous Newsletter August  2017

Next meeting on Thursday, September 14, at 7:30pm.

Clubhouse, Blair Field.


Editor's notes.

It would be nice at this time of the year to have an article entitled WHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATION... Maybe we can get something for October.

Here Phil was getting ready to fly back to Langley for additional maintenance.

Craig came to check his Breezy he had not flown for quite a while.

New Member.

We have a new member, William Graham from Golden BC, who flies a paramotor. I met him at Blair Field on August 27 and took a few pictures as he was flying around. Sure looks like fun!

Comparing Ultralight Aircraft

Barry Meek

Barry sent me this link about a young fellow who built his own ride-on drone.   

Quite a few companies with lots of money are also trying to produce some commercially, like this one 

Sent by Paul Parsons


Paul also sent me this link to a very interesting site about new development in aircraft technology.

Skoatl Point.

Dave Skelhon promptly answered my request for a photo of Skoatl Point, and sent me this one he took in 2001. Dagger Lake is in the background.


Ken Martin also took some pictures for me as he flew by on August 20 on his way to Willowgrouse Lake

Thanks, guys!  I am planning to hike there with my brother Paul.  In fact we were on our way there on August 27, only to find that Jamieson Creek Road was closed du to the bridge washout.   Another way would have been to drive to Barriere and drive West to join with the Gorman Forest Service Road to reach the northern end of Jamieson Creek Road. And we were not ready for that. 

One attraction for me would be the Geocache at the summit.  I will try again.

Yes, I tried it again, this time on September6, with my friend Karl in his SUV.  We tried from Barriere, and west of Gorman Lake we came across a road washout by a beaver pond; those buggers had blocked the culvert and it took out a 50-foot section of the road.  So we checked the GPS again, and Karl said there seemed to be another way, just by Scott Lake and leading to Beauregard Lake and Jamieson Creek Road.   So there we go, and the road was getting pretty rough. Finally we came to a big puddle on the road and stopped to investigate.  The bottom seemed to be solid enough to make it, but the day was getting late and we decide to backtrack to the campground by the lake and have lunch.

When we finally made it back to Westside Road, it was not due to my navigation skills, and I had to give credit to Karl...   (Sometimes I argue too much...)    Maybe for next try I should download BC Backroads Maps to my GPS!

BirdsNest landing   

A few years ago, Phil flew to that spot I had heard about for quite a while.   52.266200N 120.517986W

He lately gave me the exact location as 5215'58.32"N 12031'4.75"W and I spent some time looking at the area on Google Earth, and dreaming about flying there...  Have a look for yourself. 

Phil flew back to the are this last week, but he did not have his GPS and could not find the exact spot.

From Jan Nademlejnsky

     174. Flying in Kamloops with Cathy, Aug 27, 2017

This was another milestone in my flying life. It was the first time ever that I carried a passenger. Cathy Montgomery, ultralight flying instructor from Ontario was visiting Kamloops. She contacted me through Facebook with a wish to meet me. So we did and eventually I took her for ride around Kamloops in beautiful, but a bit hazy Sunday morning. I did not notice any difference in handling of my trike and only very slight degradation in performance. I never push my trike anyway, so that explains the engine spare capacity available for this flight.

I noticed, when editing this video, that Cathy was on her edge before our landing. She grabbed the control bar cables and she was ready to interfere if needed. It was not necessary as I was in full control and confident in my abilities. It was good flight.

Video    Pictures 


173. Flying in Kamloops in Rough Turbulence, Aug 25, 2017

The weather was very tempting to go flying. Normally, I would try to avoid flying in the afternoon heat, because it could be nasty in Kamloops. As there was a slight wind, I concluded that the air would be well mixed to prevent heat turbulence. My original plan was to fly Sun Peaks and Chase, but it evaporated very quickly. It was bumpy above downtown, but as soon as I crossed Mt Paul to its north side, the turbulence in the valley was too much for me to have fun. I turn back west, while flying over the North Ridge. The flight over there was almost pleasurable. Finally I turned south over the river sand bars, which I love to photograph and explore.

Video    Pictures 


172. Flying to Savona to Check Forest Fires, Aug 18, 2017

Kamloops had an exceptional weather that day. The blue sky was all around us and no traces of forest fires smoke. It was very rare condition during more that month now. Very often, we were chocked by the falling ash and heavy smoke, with almost zero visibility. I decided to fly as far west as I could to see where the smoke is coming from. I flew to Savona which was the last place west of the airport which was still open to general aviation. The rest was open just for the forest fighting aircrafts. I could see no smoke anywhere from my 6,500' elevation, which was very good news. The fires are far away from the Kamloops.

I took off at 7am west into no wind. I was following the south shore of the Kamloops Lake where I was met with some serious turbulence. I had to admit that I lost my turbulence practice and tolerance, because my previous flights were very smooth. I was surprised and contemplating to turn back, because it did not feel like fun flight. I figured that I was caught in downdraft of south wind rolling over the mountains from my left side (south). I braved it and eventually I relaxed and tried to enjoy it.

I was pushed by some serious tail wind at 45 km/h (~29 MPH) with my ground speed of 145 km/h (90 MPH) on the way back. There was no wind when I arrived to the Kamloops airport area.

I flew several times around the ever increasing sand bars (summer low water level in the river). Visited downtown, with some heat turbulence ride.

I stopped at the airport fire prevention aircraft base for selfies and pictures of the water tanker aircrafts. Overall, it was good day for me. 

Video    Pictures 


171. Flying in Kamloops in Very Smoky Sky, Aug 12, 2017

We lost our mountains for about 2 weeks to numerous forest fires in our province. Visibility and air quality was extremely poor to dangerous. Airport was closed for several days, because of very dense smoke.

Finally, there was some hope. The mountains started to appear around us again and I was hoping that it would be much clearer higher up. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The visibility and smoke smell was getting worse further east and higher I flew. I had to change my plan from cross country to just low flying around the airport. It was good flight with very smooth air, so nothing, video exciting happened during this flight. The water level in our rivers is low so I could fly again above the growing and ever changing sand bars.

Video    Pictures

New in the Buy&Sell 

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Note that I re-arranged this page and placed all the ads together, aircraft and parts. I also removed all the ads that had been there for over a year and the owners had not asked me to renew.

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Wanted:  Cessna 150 or 152

Would prefer later model but willing to consider all.  Must have low to mid time engine, full logs, NDH and have excellent maintenance.  In other words I'm looking for a top notch aircraft!  Ideally located lower mainland or Van Is.  Martin.  Text 604-818-3844



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Mark 12.    Mark 12B.    Narco AT 150 Transponder.    Garmin 195 GPS with VNAV.     Wing tip strobes.     Alternate Static port.     Heated Pitot.    Wing covers.    Wheel pants.    Hard wired yoke push to talk.                  All ADs complied with.     Complete logs.    New Vacuum pump.    Pre heater installed.    Brad J <>   905-242-1221   SOLD!


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